CNY Scrabble

Some people like to play in competitions hosted around North America. You play based on a rating you earn as you play, so you always play with players who have a similar skill level. Tournament play is one on one and uses a timer. To learn more, check out the links below or contact Kieran O’Connor at or 315-481-8541 (call/text)

Cross Tables. Here you’ll find the “when and where” of competitive Scrabble tournaments.

NASPA: North American Scrabble Players’ Association. Learn about tournament play and other clubs. Our club is NASPA #130.

Scoresheet. Use this for scoring and tracking your game.

The “Top Ten Things to Know” about a tournament.

The tally slip is what you fill out after each game and turn in. It’s good to be familiar with these.

Tournament Scrabble
Thinking about the best play.